YES contact info


YES Canterbury and the YES national contacts and their responsibilities are listed below.

YES Canterbury contacts:

YES Regional Coordinator:

Judith Tatom is the YES Regional Coordinator, who:

  • Organises YES Canterbury events.
  • Provides the Coordinator's Mark for each company's participation and communication. The Coordinator's Mark counts towards the Regional and National Awards.
  • Receives regular updates on the progress of each company. If a company encounters problems that cannot be solved with help from the teacher or mentor, the Coordinator should be contacted for assistance.
  • Is contacted if a company (or company representative) is to appear in the media (newspaper, television, radio).

Contact details:

Judith Tatom

CORE Education Ltd
Phone: 03 379 6627 ext 918
Fax: 03 323 9627
Mobile: 021 722849

YES National contacts

Young Enterprise Trust (YET)

Contact details:

Phone: (04) 570 0452

YES National Director:

Leah MacDonell

As the YES National Director, Leah:

  • develops the YES national programme and resource material
  • promotes YES in New Zealand and facilitates Regional Coordinators.

Contact details:

Young Enterprise Trust
Level 2, iPayroll House
93 Boulcott Street
Wellington 6011

P.O. Box 25 525
Featherston Street
Wellington 6146

Phone: 04 570 0452
Fax: 04 570 0453