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Janelle Riki-Waaka

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium and Māori-medium) and Expert Partner


2012 M.Ed. (First Class Hons) University of Canterbury
2007 P.G.Dip. In Bilingual and Immersion Teaching, Hōaka Pounamu. University of Canterbury
2004 BTchLn. (Primary) University of Canterbury

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 611 895

Region: Canterbury

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Janelle Ricki FS W

Professional experience

For the last five years Janelle has worked for CORE Education as team leader of the South Region Learning with Digital Technologies team. She has also been a provider of tailored professional learning services for schools and Māori-medium kura as well as a navigator in the Grow Waitaha programme supporting Christchurch schools.

Janelle worked closely with the Christchurch Learning Community Clusters (LCC) during the early stages of their formation, delivering tailored professional development programmes and supporting the development of cluster visions, values and processes.

Janelle’s career has been dedicated to improving teaching and learning programmes to enhance success for all Māori children, knowing that what works for them will also work for other students. She has considerable teaching and leadership experience in both English-medium and bilingual education settings and a deep understanding of the ways teaching and learning programmes can be enhanced with the integration of ICT.

Prior to working at CORE, Janelle worked at Aorangi Primary School, in Christchurch for five years during which time she established a bilingual unit and became the senior teacher of that unit. Moving to Clearview Primary School in Rolleston as a senior team leader of years 7 and 8 provided Janelle with the opportunity to teach collaboratively and to co-design teaching and learning programmes that took advantage of the school’s modern learning environment.


Janelle has expertise in the following areas:

Culturally responsive and bicultural practice (English-medium only)
Successfully supporting learning communities and LCC clusters to:

  • conduct a cultural audit of their current practices
  • gather voice from Māori students and their whānau to inform future direction
  • use the data and student voice to co-create (with whānau and students) a Māori responsiveness plan.

Change leadership (English and Māori-medium)
Successfully supported learning communities and LCC clusters to:

  • redevelop schools/clusters vision, values and personalised curriculum
  • explore current policies and research to support re-design of school documents
  • evaluate pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education and responsive practices
  • support leadership of change within the school community
  • establish meaningful relationships with whānau and local iwi to support the re-design of school curriculum so that it better reflects local history, reo and tikanga.

Digital fluency (English and Māori-medium)
Successfully supported learning communities and LCC clusters to:

  • use the eLearning Planning frameworks (English and Maori-medium) to self-review e-learning practices and capabilities to identify and target areas for improvement
  • increase student engagement and achievement through the use of digital technologies.

Future-focused education (English and Māori-medium)
Successfully supported learning communities and LCC clusters to:

  • evaluate current practices and identify future-focused goals
  • develop action plans that include future-focused pedagogies, effectively use modern learning environments and reflect biculturalism and agreed vision and values. 

Evaluative capability (English and Māori-medium)
Successfully supported learning communities and LCC clusters to:

  • identify target students from analysis of achievement data
  • collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data about students from multiple sources
  • regularly reflect-learn-implement using the spiral of inquiry framework.

Conference presentations, keynotes, seminars, workshops
Keynote speaker:

  • 2016: Central Otago Principals Conference
  • 2016: NZEI Rural & Teaching Principals Conference
  • 2016: Emerging Leaders Summit
  • 2015: Otago Primary Principals Conference
  • 2014-16: Modern Pathways to Raising Māori Achievement, CORE Breakfast seminars and workshops.

Personal statement

I am passionate about improving the educational experience for all students in Aotearoa. I believe that great relationships with students and their whānau are the key to helping them to realise their potential and become tomorrow's leaders. I am dedicated to improving teaching and learning programmes in order to enhance success for all Māori students and I advocate for and support the ongoing professional development of schools and teachers to assist them to deliver quality Māori education programmes that improve educational outcomes for all students.

I believe teaching and learning programmes can be enhanced with the integration of ICT tools and resources that enable students to have agency over what, when and how they learn, ensuring that they develop the skills they will need for life in the new millennium. I am committed to the revitalisation of Te Reo Māori in Aotearoa and ensuring we protect our precious language for future generations.