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Pauline Grogan-Henderson

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


2011 P.G.Dip. (Education-eLearning and Digital Technology), University of Canterbury
2009 Grad.Dip. (Management) University of Canterbury
1984 Dip.Tch. Christchurch Teachers’ College
1984 B.A. University of Canterbury

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P: 0800 267 300

Region: Canterbury

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Pauline Henderson

Professional experience 

Pauline joined CORE Education at the beginning of 2015 and has worked for two years as a Learning with Digital Technologies Facilitator for the South Team. She has also delivered CORE Enable courses.

Pauline has worked with Learning Community Clusters (LCC) in Christchurch and Southland in 2015 delivering tailored professional development programmes. In 2016 she has worked with schools, both Primary and Secondary, in Christchurch, South Canterbury and Southland.

Prior to working at CORE Education, Pauline worked at Linwood College as an English teacher and Pastoral Dean. She then moved to Burnside High School where she implemented the use of digital technology to enhance student learning in her English classes. In 2013, she was awarded a CORE Education efellowship and continued to explore digital technologies and mobile learning as part of her research. She also spent 2014 as an e-learning coordinator at Christ’s College assisting in the implementation of BYOD and staff professional development. 


Pauline has expertise in the following areas:

Change leadership 

  • evaluation of  pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education
  • support leadership of change within the school community
  • support leadership of teachers as they change and share pedagogy within their school.

Digital fluency 

  • develop action plans that include future-focused pedagogies
  • Integrate inquiry and collaboration into their practice
  • evaluate current practices and identify future-focused goals.

Future-focused education

  • evaluate current practices and identify future-focused goals
  • develop action plans that include future-focused pedagogies
  • Integrate inquiry and collaboration into their practice . 

Conference presentations/workshops

2012- 2013: NZATE (New Zealand Association of English Teachers) Digital Technology in the English Classroom

2013 - 2015: uLearn: ePassports, ILE in the Secondary Classroom, Collaboration in the Secondary Classroom


2013: CORE Education e-fellowship 

Personal statement

I am passionate about teaching, learning and supporting teachers to develop the confidence to use digital technologies to enhance opportunities for student learning and to connect students to the world. 21st century education is about ubiquity, personalised learning and students having direction over their own learning. I believe that a collaborative approach shares the knowledge allowing teachers and students to work together, to start thinking deeply about learning. I have been fortunate over the last three years to visit a wide variety of classrooms and schools, as well as being involved in personal learning and deep thinking about education. These experiences have also influenced my views on learning. However, for me the most powerful tool in any teacher’s kete is building relationships and trust with their students and their whānau.