Gagana Samoa - Talanoa Mai


This Samoan language course is designed to provide centres/schools/CoLs and education partner agencies with professional learning and support to have a basic conversation that is co-constructed in Gagana Samoa. The focus of this programme is to familiarise course participants with correct pronunciation of Samoan words and vocabulary to help form basic interactions.

This course will challenge teachers, senior leaders or staff in education partner agencies to undertake content in their own contexts. This will be negotiated at the beginning of the course, and various tasks and activities during the course will contribute to that. Where more than one staff member from an organisation/school are participating, they may work collaboratively to develop vocabulary and conversations appropriate in their context.

Learning outcomes

Course participants will be able to:

  • identify context-specific vocabulary based on the communication needs to speak with Samoan speakers
  • understand how to construct basic sentences to build conversations
  • start to develop strategies for better participation, engagement and achievement of Samoan learners and their parents, families and communities using Gagana Samoa

Who is this for

Leaders and teachers who are about to embark on establishing a collaborative teaching team

Leaders and teachers who have identified learning Gagana Samoa as a key focus area for communicating with learners of Samoan descent

Leaders and teachers who have identified learning Gagana Samoa as a key focus area for communicating with parents of Samoan descent

Professionals in education partner agencies who have identified learning Gagana Samoa as a key focus area for liaising with the Samoan community as part of their work.

Course format

10 week course divided into two modules (5 weeks per module).
2-3 professional learning hours per week.

This course includes:

  • weekly synchronous lessons (live webinars)
  • one face to face session (at the beginning of the course)
  • at least 5 online activities (completed via Moodle)


The entire course is divided into two modules and focuses on preparing participants to become familiar with the building blocks of the language and then proceeding to create conversations using these building blocks.

Module One: Tapena le gagana (Preparing the language)

Vowel pronunciation, alphabet construction, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, names, context specific vocabulary expressed by course participants.

Module Two: Tautalatala (Speaking)

Formal speech/greeting/ introduction, speaking the language prepared by participants in Module One to build conversations.


26 Jun 2017


Online lesson times will be advised but are typically Monday - Thursday outside of school hours.


The cost is $485 + GST per person. A discount of 20% applies for groups of 5+ people from the same school or centre. All prices exclude GST.

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