Establishing a Digital Citizenship Programme in your School


Confident, connected, digital citizens is something we all aspire to develop in our schools and kura. The challenge is often understanding what this can actually look like in practice. In this very practical workshop we will explore what the key components of digital citizenship actually are and how they can be effectively embedded in programmes and practices. Participants will develop their understanding of how they can model effective digital citizenship practices as a teacher, and what this can look like for all learners, including community and whānau, in their context.

Learning outcomes

  • understand what the key elements of digital citizenship are 
  • apply this understanding to designing and developing learning experiences and school programmes
  • be able to understand and apply digital citizenship practices personally, to ensure appropriate modelling for students and whānau/community


CORE Education - Christchurch

142-144 Kilmore Street,


CORE Education - Wellington

121A Thorndon Quay, Pipitea, Wellington 6011