Modern Learning Assessment


New Zealand schools' future-focused vision for learning needs future-focused assessment, with a strong emphasis on student agency. This programme focuses on developing in-depth understanding and application of the pedagogy of modern learning and the implications for assessment. Participants will explore the context for change, identify connections between theoretical frameworks and classroom strategies and shape assessment practice based on current research.

Learning outcomes

Course participants will be able to:

  • understand why we assess and the purposes it serves
  • use their understanding of the contextual drivers of change in pedagogy and curriculum in order to critically evaluate current assessment practices
  • align assessment practices with effective pedagogy
  • enact strategies for empowering learners to be assessment-capable, active learners who can articulate their own ongoing progress and their next learning steps

Who is this for

This course is intended for educators who have embraced the concepts of modern learning practice and are exploring relevant approaches to assessment.

Course format

20 week course divided into four modules (5 weeks per module). 
3-5 professional learning hours per week. 

Each 5 week module includes: 

  • 2 facilitated webinars
  • online learning             



The course will be made up of four modules, each five weeks long:

Module 1: Why assess?
Participants will explore the evolution of assessment and its relationship with purpose and practice.

Module 2: Reform and change
Participants will explore the changes in the modern learning landscape and the reasons to rethink assessment practices in this new context.

Module 3: Alignment
Investigate the opportunities for aligning modern learning practice and assessment.

Module 4: Vision and framework for action
Participants will explore ways to implement modern learning assessment practice into their educational context.


01 May 2017


Online lesson times will be advised but are typically Monday - Thursday outside of school hours.


The cost is $830 per person. A discount of 20% applies for groups of 5+ people from the same school or centre.  All prices exclude GST.

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